The optimal format for the wedding photo book

Hand on the heart: In what format did you order your last wedding photo book? Was it DIN A4 upright? Then you are in the best company. According to Fotobuch print service providers, it is by far the most popular format. And in fact, it is often not a bad choice, but by far not always the most appropriate format for a book project. But how do you find the optimal size for the next work?

What is the purpose of the photo book? How will it be used?
Wedding photo book format – Grossformat
First of all you have to ask yourself for what purpose the book is designed and how it will be used later. A photo book to give as a gift to a wedding, for example, is to make the couple a great pleasure and will be determined by him often together and be displayed around. By this purpose, some requirements are already placed on the book size: the dimensions should allow you to look into the photo book with several. This is hardly possible at a Pixie-book-size book, and even in the case of DIN A4, looking together is not much fun. A wedding photo book will also be uncomfortable even from a certain size. An opulent picture book in DIN A3 transverses a width of 84 centimeters. The width must be in the arms first. But you can also put it comfortably with two people on the lap and look together. In the handbag, however, it no longer fits.
Whoever plans a wedding photo book, which is often to be taken and shown around, such as a photo compilation of the best pictures of the grandchildren, should rather avoid a smaller size. For the grandmother to have the ribbon always convenient, mini-books are particularly suitable.
DIN A4 is often too big. A hardcover or a durable plastic film, as it is often supplied with spiral-bound photo books, is quite a by-product, a sensible choice. The transfer and display strongly stressed the creation and you would not want it to have the grandmother throw away after half a year or no more around.